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released March 22, 2014

All songs written by The Bad Jones
Recorded by Jesse Ray
Produced by Jesse Ray and The Bad Jones
Mixed by Nathan Burke and Jesse Ray
Recorded and mixed in San Francisco at Gulch Alley Studio, except for Eye to Eye, which was recorded & mixed by Doug Grean at Lavish Studio in Burbank, CA
Mastered by Nathan Burke at Gulch Alley Studio



all rights reserved


The Bad Jones San Francisco, California

The Bad Jones are a rock band from the SF Bay Area known formerly as Soul Pie. Upon changing their name, the band has reemerged with a new attitude and sound in efforts to focus their strengths as songwriters-- and more importantly to shed a fresh and reverent light on what they see as the currently dormant state of Rock and Roll. ... more

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Track Name: Eye to Eye
If you're gonna leave me here like that
I'm gonna find my own way back
I was on the ropes and you cut me down, down to the bone
Love is a lonely fire, you've got to light it up
Just to watch it burn to the ground

You could've had me believing
But you let me down
Can't walk the line when you're leaving
This love is on the run

If you're gonna love me, you've got to be true
You've got to do all those crazy things the way you used to do
I was on the road and you let me know over the phone
Love is a dying flame, you've got to stomp it down before it burns again

You could've had me believing
But you let me down
Can't walk the line when you're leaving
This love is on the run

Too much talking about the rules, ain't seeing eye to eye
Evidently love's a pill that helps you sleep at night
I'm gonna look into your eyes and give you some advice
Quit wasting time with broken love, move on with you're life

You could've had me believing
But you let me down
Can't walk the line when you're leaving this love
True love was always the reason
That you came around
Can't walk the line when you're leaving
This love is on the run
Track Name: Revert
Hold on to this war inside
Nothing's ever gonna change
Keep away the fire
Revert to that hopeful child
That you used to call to play
Today's on his side
Fighting for this selfish thing
I don't wanna chase the sheep
If they ain't gonna help me sleep
So I am reverting to me
I am reverting to me

Keeping like a souvenir
your memories have a way
of preying on a lonely day.
Remind me of the boy I was
and how I let it slip away
Watched the green turn to jade
So I am reverting to me
I am reverting to me

Reverting to me, I am
Track Name: Tambourine Girl
I've been wasting time,
I've been working all day in a heart ache coal mine
I've been left feeling primed
Gotta shake it out before the dust turns to grime anymore
Can't be left to feel this way anymore
Can't be left to feel this way

In the morning and in the evening,
I want a lover that gets me high
When the time comes and the lights buzz
I want a woman with stars in her eyes
Tambourine girl, I love your little twirl
Can't we get married tomorrow at dawn
So in the morning and in the evening
I'll have a tambourine girl that gets me high

I've been just holding on
When I should be singing that loving song
and you've been grooving all along
Your beat was right girl but your timing was wrong
Track Name: Chariot of Stone
The colors that she rode
Fade into the night
When she tells me something’s wrong
An ordinary day shouldn’t be so hard to find
Yet I’m searching through the night
You don’t wanna have no heart of gold
I’ve been wearing mine out in the cold
The chariot of stone is on it’s way
bringing on the storm of yesterday

I’ve been waiting for the call to come tonight, but it won’t

The cat is in the barn
The sugar had me down
and I’m waiting for the call
Love was underrated by the man who comes
and his face is made of stone
You don’t wanna have your heart on ice
Looking for the man to get it right
Lucifer is holding on the key
Waiting for the call to come to me

You don’t wanna tell me something’s wrong
I’ve been waiting underneath the gun
Wondering who’s standing at the gate
The chariot has come to take me away
Track Name: Animals
Should've known that you'd cover your tracks
running from the truth
Up all night with your bloodshot eyes
but the hounds are on the loose
Red light green light, ride in the dead of night
They're just a step behind
If you face the flame it'll burn you the same
When you're standing at the end of the line

Underneath the troubled skies, when I'm walking in the rain
and I feel as though it's come time to make a change
I am choking on the bones and I've come to realize
We are skipping like a stone thrown into the night

Back on the streets you've got blood on your feet
You've been running with the pack
Playing the game with the ball and chain
Ain't nobody gonna cut you slack
Top hat money stacked but like a dirty rat
You crawl into your hole
You might've jumped the line but you know you're gonna find
Everybody's got to pay the toll

Listen to the soapbox junkie ranting on the street
You might call him crazy and throw a dollar at his feet
'Cause in your mind, that is free, but so intangible
and when the lights go out, you are just an animal